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Chromebook Tip

1. Do you have a touchscreen Chromebook? What if you want to turn off the touchscreen occasionally and use just the keyboard and the touchpad? You can do this with a keyboard shortcut. Turn on/off the touch screen using this keyboard shortcut: SEARCH + SHIFT + T. 2. Are you a mouse person or a […]

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Amazon Basics products that won’t blowup, catch on fire, or explode

News stores cause panic for a small amount of people and this changes their entire perception of a product or company. Recently, reports about “Amazon Basics” products line has brought to light that some of their products have caught fire, exploded, or caught on fire. People are up in arms that Amazon hasn’t pulled those […]

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Amazon accounts for business

I’m always amazed at how many businesses run their purchasing using a personal email account with company credit cards and just share the same credentials. This usually leads to someone having to call and email around to see who bought what and for which department. Amazon actually created Business Accounts to stop this madness. Now […]