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Your mother’s maiden name

The secret is out, your mother’s on social media. it used to be the secret word or answer to a security question when you called your credit card company. Now your mother shares everything online and might not know any better. As much as you yourself might have good cyber habits, those closest to you […]

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Cyber ABCs: A for Accounts

Here’s the first of 26 posts in support of Cyber Security. Every user, service, and hacker, needs an account to access systems, resources, and data. Given what we store on our personal and work devices, you would think that we would do a better job at protecting these keys to the “kingdom”. BUT, we know […]

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Who uses hashtags (#)

In recent research, I’ve seen many opinions on the use of hashtags in social media posts. I see them as a way of reaching a target group outside of your own network. My question is, are you following hashtags to deliver content related to the topics you are interested in or just waiting for something […]

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Search Yourself

You may have heard this before, but performing an Internet search for your name and the name of your family could lead to some surprising results. It’s important to know what others can find out about you online.