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Cyber ABCs: A for Accounts

Here’s the first of 26 posts in support of Cyber Security.

Every user, service, and hacker, needs an account to access systems, resources, and data. Given what we store on our personal and work devices, you would think that we would do a better job at protecting these keys to the “kingdom”. BUT, we know that we don’t. Here’s some tips that anyone can get done before the next letter post gets online:

1. MFA – Get something more than a password, like a text, call, or code from an Authenticator app. I recommend LastPass.

2. Never re-use a password! Not ever, for no reason, for the rest of your life! Seriously, just write down old password on a piece of paper so you know what you’ve used and store it safely, even though they are old passwords, they likely contain parts that you will ultimately reuse. Just use LastPass and have it make complex passwords of at least 24 characters.

3. Do not write down or save passwords in your browser. They might as well be written on a post it note on your desktop. Don’t share them either, because it’s your money either way (through your accounts or the loss of your job). Just us LastPass, your family or business are protected. The free account is limited, but a good place to start if you don’t need to share with family or business folks.