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Apple security updates – Apple Support

This document lists security updates for Apple software. Make sure that your devices are current to avoid security issues. — Read on

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Cyber ABCs: G is for Google

Here’s the seventh of 26 posts in support of Cyber Security. Isn’t Google great?! Isn’t Google fun?! Think of all of the free and cool stuff they do and the fun pictures on everyday. Now think about all of the terms and conditions and ‘end user license agreements’ that you clicked through in order […]

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How to stop all your smart devices from listening to you

Your smart devices are listening for wake words — which means they can also pick up conversation snippets and more. Here’s how to stop it. — Read on

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Chromebook Tip

1. Do you have a touchscreen Chromebook? What if you want to turn off the touchscreen occasionally and use just the keyboard and the touchpad? You can do this with a keyboard shortcut. Turn on/off the touch screen using this keyboard shortcut: SEARCH + SHIFT + T. 2. Are you a mouse person or a […]